Create a Union

As a licensed massage therapist I understand the worries we all share in not being a part of a union, therefore being at the mercy of big corperations and franchises.

We are a growing part of the healthcare industry yet have been treated like the "stepchild!" one might say!Take for example the current crisis all around the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has put life into perspective.
As a massage therapist the first thing we think is...
"How am I going to get by!"
"I have no sick time or paid vacation!"
"Work has slowed down what will i do!"

Being paid on commission may have its perks but also its downfall.
Lets join together and team up with on of the strongest and largest labor management fund in the nation, its time to create job security, pension plans, and health coverage for massage therapists.

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Labor union for Massage Therapists