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Welcome to NY Massage Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization created after experiencing resistance from insurance companies that are unwilling to provide paid services for massage therapy patients. To be excluded from the credentialing process as an in-network provider and their panel of contracted providers is a disservice to those in need of proven therapeutic massage services.

 This organization was created to help bring this much needed service to the public . Extensive research has proven that the benefits of massage therapy goes far beyond preventative care. Massage therapy has also been used for pain management, and therefore should be considered a medical necessity and alternative or complement to certain medications. However, most employers and insurance companies are not covering this care or allowing their members to go out of network.

With your support, we can encourage insurance companies to stop paying out to specialists such as physical therapist, chiropractors, and acupuncturist.

 Massage therapy is the only specialty that is licensed by the State of New York to manually manipulate muscles, connective tissue, and other soft tissue structures of the musculoskeletal system.

Please join us in our mission to challenge and change how insurance companies operate, because no one should have to pay out of pocket for a covered service.

 As a massage therapist for over fifteen years I hear the same phrases repeatedly from the public, which are..

"I feel better after one session of massage therapy!"
"I feel like this is what my body needs!"
"I wish I could afford to do this weekly!"
...And many more!

My vision and goals are to see licensed massage therapists gain the respect we deserve so we can help heal patients who are in hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes.

 Your donations/support will help to create a chain of massage clinics, create jobs in the community,
 better work force productivity, and a less painful quality of life for the sick and elderly.


 Besides catering to the public, we service verterans, medicaid and medicare members.​​

Some groups of professionals who over the years I have seen have a need and benefit greatly from massage therapy services are...

* Teachers
*Police Officers

With your support, our foundation can more effectively support our heroes, the many men and women who are our first responders. 
  1. Firemen
    For help with cardiovascular functions
  2. Police Officers
    For help with structural alignment from carrying equipment
  3. Nurses
    For heavy lifting & stress
  4. Veterans
    For Mental/Emotional/ & Physical Stress (PTSD)
Medical Providers / Specialist 
Massage Therapist Support

Everyone can join in this movement by spreading the word  & adding our logo or link below on your social media or informational platforms.

NY Massage Foundation INC.
                      PO Box 436
            Verplanck NY 10596